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Baba was used to give medicines to villegers.Though they were sounding strange,people were accepting them with full trust on Baba.They were finding those medicines making miracles.
In Shirdi Villege there was one person called Kulkarni who was working as doctor as per BARA BALUTEDAR System in villege.
When he found that rather than consulting him,people are prefering Baba's Medicine,he became very angry.He gathered few people around him ,and started hating Baba,started taking objection on his knowledge about medicines.
They found one golden chance to raise their voice more when one of villeger didn't obey baba's order of accepting his medicines but avoiding curd and that lead to again illness and from that point Baba decided to stop medicines.
But devotees requested him not to do this so he told that his Udi will work as medicine on every illness , every problem if person accepts it with full trust on god.It is the same Udi which helped many to become free from problems,illness,relief from tensions.It is the same udi which is still helping many even in the era of KALYUG.

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