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He never liked or encouraged discussion or arguments. He was always calm and controlled, though irritable at times, always preached full Vedanta (knowledge) and nobody knew till the last the real Baba.His eyes penetrating skies.
Since his young days, Sai Baba grew hair on His head, never had His head shaved. He used to wear a piece of white cloth round His head along with a long flowing Kafni. The piece of white cloth on the head was twisted like matted hair and flowed down from the left ear on the back. He wore no shoes, no sandals.He wore a coupin (waist-cloth-band) and for warding off cold he always sat in front of a Dhuni (sacred fire) facing South with His left hand resting on the wooden railing.
While sleeping at Chavadi Baba used to rest HIS head on a brick.Sai Baba visited certain houses daily and went from door to door where He stood as a beggar and called out, "Oh Mai, give Me a piece of bread" and spread out His hand to receive the same.
The food collected was poured into Kolamba - a stone pot and animals and birds used to cluster around the pot to eat food. Baba begged till noon, but His begging was very irregular. Some days He went a few rounds, on other days up to twelve noon.In the afternoon, He used to walk at random and go at times to neighboring villages where He used to frequent the houses of some of His devotees.
Baba’s way is to cater directly to the needs of each individual and He did not require His devotees to take up any rituals or conventionally prescribed practice, nor did He favoured any particular path over another. Baba generally discouraged people from changing their chosen form of worship in GOD and never advised total detachment from worldly life and changeover of preference for a particular deity as GOD. He advised perfect loyalty in and faith in the power and blessings of the Almighty (ALLAH MALIK) and patience for the results of action (KARMA).

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