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Sai Baba conquered this Samsar (worldly existence), which is like a deep sea, very difficult and hard to cross. Peace or mental calm was His ornament and He was the repository of wisdom. He was the home of Vaishnava and Shiva devotees, most liberal (like Karna) amongst liberals, the quintessence of all essences. He had no love for perishable things and was always engrossed in self-realization, which was His sole concern. He felt no pleasure in the mandane things of this world or of the world beyond. His Antarang (heart) was as clear as a mirror and His speech always rained nectar.
The rich or poor people were the same to Him. He did not know or care for honor or dishonor.Baba was the Lord of all beings. He spoke freely and mixed with all people, saw the acting and dances of ‘Nautchgirls’ and heard Gazhal songs. Still, He swerved not an inch from Samadhi (mental equilibrium). The name of Allah was always on His lips. While the world awoke, He slept; and while the world slept, He was vigilant. His abdomen (Inside) was as calm as the deep sea.
His Ashram (life-stage) could not be determined, nor His actions could be definitely determined and though He sat (lived) in one place, He knew all the transactions of the world. His Darbar was imposing. He told daily hundreds of stories; still He swerved not an inch from His vow of silence. He always leaned against the wall in the Masjid or walked morning, noon and evening towards Lendi (Nala) and Chavadi; still He at all times abided in the Self.
Though a Siddha, He acted like a Sadhaka. He was meek, humble and egoless, and pleased all. Such was Sai Baba, and as the soil of Shirdi was trodden by Sai Baba’s Feet, it attained extraordinary importance.Sai Baba did not mix and speak with the people. He only gave answers when he was questioned. By day he always sat under the Neem tree, sometimes under the shade of a branch of a Babul tree near the stream at the outskirts of the village.He always walked, talked and laughed with them.He always uttered ‘Allah Malik’ (God is the sole owner).
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